Welcome to our summer products!
We have specialized in windsurfing products for fast and fun riding in choppy, gusty conditions. Therefore we often gets the highest gps speed records with normal people in normal conditions. All boards are available in the material of your choice, from all glass to ultralight Textrem/Kevlar materials.


The name says it all, a board that goes very fast in choppy, bumpy and gusty conditions. It is also easy to gybe and maneuver. The special bottomshape and rocker makes for a very smooth and nice ride. Available in sizes from 95 liters up to 150 l
Textrem/Carbon/Kevlar construction.

Speed 77

The speed board for You and Me!
The need for speed is addictive!
This new board planes early and keeps building speed during every gust and keeps on going during lulls. It has a special bottom shape and rocker to maximize performance even if there are chop and you don´t have a pure speed strip available. Made by extremely lightweight Textrem it accelerates instantly.

Speed Series Fin

Very fast with very good control.
Developed in a tunnel for minimum resistance in the water. It has an optimum pressureprofile which gives it minimal resistance and very good behavior when overpowered. This means no sudden spin-outs and more control of the board. 
This fin does not only work for racing, it also works really well on freeride and freerace boards since it is so controllable in overpowered, gusty and choppy conditions.
Made in very exclusive Carbon/Basalt matrix to give the right stiffness and very light weight.


Windsurfingboards for ultimate fun! Made for jumping, carving and every maneuver you can think of. It explodes out of turns and jumps like a flying fish. Twin fin set up in the smaller sizes for great grip in bottomturns or gybes in choppy water. Also available with 1 to 6 finboxes of your choice. Available in sizes from 76 to 106 l. Carbon-Kevlar construction for lightness and durability.