Xtra Light 155 Formula

Xtra Light 155 Formula

The lightwind board for everyone...

16 900 kr — 19 900 kr

The lightwind board for everyone!

This very special board planes very early and keeps building speed during every gust and keeps on going during lulls. It has a unique bottomshape with twin fin setup. This means it has very good upwind capabilities and has no tendencies to lift or spin out even if very overpowered. It also has great speed capabilities and 30 knots is actually no problem! The special bottomshape makes the board extremely smooht and has a very nice feel. The twin fin setup allow us to make the tail more narrow and therefore the board is much more easy to gybe than a Formula board.

235 cm
95 cm
155 l
Sail sizes:
7.0 – 11.0
Fin sizes:
Powerbox 32-55 cm
8.8 kg