All our boards are produced with the best material for each individual pourpose.

Stiffness: When placing your order please tell us which stiffness you like. The best is if you tell us your weight, ability and preferences.

Core: Beech wood core for maximum durability with minimal weight. It has better resistance to wear and better stiffness to weight ratio than any other woodcore we have heard of.

ERRM, Extruded Rock Rowing Matrix, for great strength and very good vibration dampening.

Carbon torsionbox with 100% carbon, no glass, for maximum edgegrip. On all boards except Pure Wood edition.

Base: The toughest carbon base for maximum durability with maximum glide and It comes with Flourwax applied.

RipperEdges: Extra hardend Waveshaped steel edges with diamond finish for incredible icegrip.

MetalWeave: Two layers of different thikness of metalwave, one above and one below the carbon torsionbox. This makes the board more stable at speed and at the same time more lively with more kick out of the turns. This does not makes the board stiffer wich is a common misconception.

Textrem: A extremely lightweight carbon matrix. Makes the board very light and lively.

  • Views:
  • Black

    from 7 900 kr

    Allmountainboard for softboots for powder and extremecarving..

  • Blackburn

    from 8 900 kr

    Alpineboard with extreme edgegrip...

  • Bullet Ti 173

    from 8 900 kr

    Alpineboard for aggressive carving with the best edgegrip...

  • Dragon

    from 8 900 kr

    The real hybrid...

  • Freestyle

    from 7 900 kr

    Frestyleboard wih great pop...

  • Star 177

    from 7 900 kr

    A Skwal for aggressive carving and great turning

  • Stomp-pad

    85 kr

    Cool Stomp Pad to protect your board......