Welcome to our summer products!

We have specialized in windsurfing products for fast and fun riding in choppy, gusty conditions. Therefore we often gets the highest gps speed records with normal people in normal conditions!

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  • FreeSpeed

    from 14 900 kr

    The name says it all, a board that goes very, very fast in choppy, bumpy and gusty conditions...

  • Speed 77

    14 900 kr

    The speed board for You and Me!

  • Speed Series Fin

    from 2 000 kr

    Very, very fast with very good control.

  • Triton

    from 1 272 kr

    The Freeride board for everyone, very easy to fast and gybe. Thin rails for smooth carving through chop...

  • WildRide

    14 900 kr

    A board for ultimate fun! Made for jumping and carving on flatwater and in waves

  • Xtra Light 155 Formula

    from 16 900 kr

    The lightwind board for everyone...