• Custom Windsurfingboards

    Try our latest windsurfing equipment! You can order one of our standard boards or we can make a complete unique board just for you! Together with our shapers we can make a board exactly as you want. And of course you can have any graphic you want. contact us at info@r-a-d.se or call +46 703 911 344 […]

  • Custom snowboards

    Ryman Advanced Design – custom design for you. The power of 3D CAD/CAM makes int possible for you to order a board that is specially made for you…

  • Board Test

    Try our latest equipment!contact us at info@r-a-d.se or call +46 703 911 344   While waiting for winter check this http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJssViS9Hfw&feature=mfu_in_order&list=ULYou can also try our Skwalboards at all aes.skwalzone.org events!


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Star 177 Skwal and snowboard!

The Star family has grown! Now there is a wide selection of both widths and radius. A modified variable sidecut makes it even better att holding grip in harsh conditions. A perfect boards for aggressive carving and extreme carving. Very positive engagement in turns. Optimized dynamic radius concept for a rider variable turning radius. Extreme […]

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Skwal Extremecarving Instruction Video

Check out our new video with extremecarving instructions!

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Welcome to our winter products!

Summer products

Welcome to our summer products! We have specialized in windsurfing products for fast and fun riding in choppy, gusty conditions. Therefore we often gets the highest gps speed records with normal people in normal conditions! Also check out our new Wild Ride! A board for maximum fun and manouverability. With a twinser setup it can […]